A new online ‘zine. I found the call for microfiction a lot of fun and sent in some offerings. Of course, they were overwhelmed. Mine didn’t get selected. Here are my favorites.

This flash fiction was required to use specific words, be a complete story, and be between 46 and 54 words.


Stand and deliver! That was the order the highwayman made of me as I stopped near the basement door. He looked ridiculous in his pajamas so I told him to go back to bed and stop goofing around. Then he shot me with his cap pistol. He’s a rotten kid, but I love him.  (54 words)


Caveman, what were you thinking when you used your knife to carve designs into rocks? Today we see them and imagine spacemen or robots. But you, were you dreaming of gods and spirits or did you really see someone from another world? A robot like me. We will never know, will we? (52 words)


It isn’t every day you see a zombie. At least, not in a sleepy Texas town. But here it was, playing accordion next to the taco truck parked outside the Foundry Coffee shop. Poor thing couldn’t camouflage its putrid odor no matter how sweet a polka it played. No tips. (50 words)


Around and around the circle of the rose garden the baby dragon trudged. Separated from his mother, he sucked his thumb, dragging his teddy-bear behind him. Where was she? He never wanted to land here. He roared at the thorns and gasped as his dragon flames ashed the circle. (49 words)

If you like flash fiction you might enjoy Zathom.

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