Tundra Dancers R’Us

MJ played peekaboo with wallabies on the University campus in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, then fell in love with the Northern Lights in Alaska. She learned to use the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority) in Boston and later spent time on the beaches of Baja El Norte, Mexico. She photoblogs and dog blogs from East Texas. She’s written news, opinion, short stories, technical manuals, blogs, newsletters, legal documents, and regulation manuals. If you’ve got a letch to pass the essay portion of the bar examination, she’s written a workbook published by Aspen Legal to teach you those skills. Presently, she’s creating a series of memoirs, a book of family history, horror and urban fantasy short stories and novellas, and an urban fantasy novel with a kick-ass female main character. She is a member of the East Texas Writers Guild.

Tundra Dancer – TD – Short, hearing aid stuck in right ear, curly hair often colored pink, aqua, purple, and blue; golden-hazel eyes, found in the wild at writer’s meetings.