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Authors, Editors, and Publications Mavens I Know and Love (and you will too)

  • Brinda Carey – Brinda Carey, an author from East Texas, leads a class on memoir writing at TASCA in Whitehouse. She’s available to speak on on topics including writing, child abuse, and recovery. You may contact her at
  • Janice Ernest – author, beta reader, publishing mercenary (I love that term), public speaker
  • Lynn Lamb watch this woman – she’s going to be an author of note one of these days and you’ll want to say “I knew her when…” Her Survivor Diary series should be a TV show, just in case you’re a producer and looking for great ideas.

Graphic Arts

  • Design Dragon Owned and operated by Becca Brown – graphic artist extraordinary. Excellent design. Reasonable prices. You can find her in the wild at East Texas Writers Guild meetings.  She designed the cover for Recollections of a Tundra Dancer.

Writing Groups

  • East Texas Writers Guild (Tyler, Texas) – if you are a writer or an aspiring writer and don’t belong to a writing group – join one. A good writing group helps lift all members up to their highest level of achievement.